Desiderates - EP

by Advice from a Caterpillar

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released December 21, 2012

Recorded at The SSL, Manchester
Engineered & Produced by Advice from a Caterpillar



all rights reserved


Advice from a Caterpillar Manchester, UK

Advice from a Caterpillar are a Pop-Rock/Melodromatic Folk band from Manchester, UK.

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Track Name: Bones
A dream worth its weight in bone
Cracked wheels kiss a tired road
A truth we fear to know

Stopped thunder when lightning shone
Broke, stoned and let claret run, still
Acceptance does not come near

Dog-eared, throats left bruised
Old scars, new tattoos
You claim our stars won’t align
But we dream with open eyes

A heart worth its depth in time
Desiderating but of strong design still
Blank skies posing blue

These souls sold as safe subsides
The James Dean Complex and patient tides, still
Acceptance does not come near

Tall falls, bouncing bones
Burst stitches, stepping stones
You claim our stars won’t align
But we dream with open eyes
Track Name: Afterglow
Hello, past years
You’ve been grating and groaning
Meticulous moaning has left dead skin wanting reborn
For caustic years
I’d take timber and tinder through tempests and taverns
Synapses sinned and cells tore

If only there was something I could take
A bone to break

So rest my fears
Take me to the familiar place where I swear I’ve not been
Or seen before

Well this was never something I could fake
My childhoods wake

My blossomed heart it beats like a windmill
My green irises are like jailbirds wings in cast
Harnessing lycanthropy with every breath is a city ruined
Let the world live deep within my pupils stare.

I feel much better
Gambled on danger
So nice to meet ya
Once was a traitor
Track Name: Gravity (Acoustic)
Your excuses seem tired, so let's give them a rest tonight.
I'm trying to settle the fire, while you sit back, take aim and ignite.
My intentions are good, just raised in attendance of a ghost
that's been sleeping next to you, keeping score of the notches on your bedpost.

So how about you? Are you still bending noughts to squares?
Spare me the truth, did you get there in the end?

They sit, watch, as we collide. Lighting up the spinning tide
She holds me down impossible to flee, when she pulls like gravity.

Do you remember that winter when we sang when things turned green again?
We ran away from the frostbite and drowned our sins in sugar and champagne.
Oh Mother Mother, when did I lose the face to pretend that I trusted mirrors when they only show us backwards in the end?